Workplace Accidents &  Industries

We handle worker’s compensation cases in various industries involving all types of workplace incidents, including:


  • Job-Related Accidents (employees injured at work)Work Accidents - Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer
  • Construction Accidents (Indiana workers injured on construction sites)
    • Scaffolding & Ladder Accidents
    • Crane & Forklift Accidents
    • Trench Collapses
    • Roofing Accidents
    • Framing and Masonry Accidents
    • Fall Protection Issues
    • OSHA & IOSHA Violations
    • Heavy Equipment Accidents
    • Backhoe, Dumptruck, Excavator Accidents
    • Lifting Injuries
  • Iron and Steel Workers Accidents
  • Trucking & Driver Accidents 
  • Employees Injured while Traveling
  • Car Accidents on the Job
  • Farming Accidents (farm equipment incidents)
  • Manufacturing & Shipping Accidents (manufacturing equipment accidents)
  • Industrial, Factory & Refinery Accidents
  • Assembly Line Incidents
  • Hospital Workers and Nursing Injuries (heath care worker claims)
  • Electrical Accidents (electrocution & electric shock)
  • Chemical Exposure,  Explosions & Burns
  • Exposure to Toxic Substances, Toxic Mold, Asbestos
  • Office & Professional Injuries
  • Product Liability Cases & Accidents
  • Defective Equipment Accidents (defective products)
  • Unsafe Work Environments (OSHA and IOSHA violations)
  • Crime Victim Injuries
  • Slip & Fall Accidents & Injuries
  • Crushing Injuries
  • Accidents Resulting in Death (fatalities)

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