Indiana Fire And Burn Workplace Injuries / Worker's Comp

Electrical, fire, and chemical workplace accidents and injuries impact workers in many different industries. If a worker is exposed to open flames, electrical currents, flammable or toxic chemicals while on the job, then there is a risk of a fire or burn-related injury. These types of injuries are painful and may require extensive time away from work, surgeries, skin graft procedures, and the possibility of lifelong impairments. Navigating the workers’ compensation process can be a confusing and complex process. Indianapolis injury and workers compensation attorney Charles Carlock has represented workers hurt on the job in Indiana for over 26 years. 

What Jobs Are Most At Risk For A Workplace Fire, Chemical Burn, Electrical Accident Or Explosion?

How Do Most Fires & Explosions Occur On Job Sites?

  • Combustible materials
  • Defective or improper use of equipment and machinery
  • Electrical hazards
  • Flammable liquids & gasses/open flames

Injury Cases We Handle

Attorney Charlie Carlock represents victims of all types of workplace accidents and injuries. With a legal practice dedicated to workers’ compensation cases, Charlie Carlock has over two decades of experience with workplace injury claims, including those resulting from burns, electrical, chemical, and fire-related accidents. 

  • Burns (first degree through fourth degree burns)
    • Thermal contact burns
    • Chemical burns
    • Open flame burns
  • Head & traumatic brain injury – often the result of workplace explosions
  • Hazardous chemical explosion
  • Internal injuries
Injured In An Electrical, Chemical, or Fire-related Work Accident?

Make sure you are protected and adequately compensated. Workers’ comp attorney Charles Carlock can help. Call or email Carlock Legal to get started.