Do I have to go back to work if I have work restrictions?

The insurance company will sometimes get the employer to offer "light duty" work so they can avoid paying lost wage checks  (TTD) to you.  Generally speaking you should try to perform the light duty work, as long as the work offered is "reasonable".  The employer should not ask you to perform any duties that are beyond your doctor's work restrictions.

What money do I get if I can't work?

During your medical care you are entitled to receive temporary total disability (TTD) checks if you are disabled or restricted from working.  The amount of your weekly check is a percentage of how much you were making before your injury.  The insurance company is often slow in issuing these checks and sometimes miscalculates your rate or forgets to properly include certain money you were earning…which can result in an underpayment to you.

Who is this nurse and why is she calling me and talking to my doctors?

The nurse case managers are hired by the insurance company.  They are not actually providing any medical care to you.  Their job is to save the insurance company money and they often try to influence the doctors on important issues like what medical care is needed and when you can return to work.  There are a variety of legal strategies we can use to limit their involvement in your case.

Can I go to my own doctor?

The insurance company must pay for all of your medical care but they also get to pick the doctor.  However, there are certain circumstances when this can be legally challenged, and in some cases, we can acquire a second opinion from an independent doctor (one not chosen by the insurance company) at no cost to you.


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