Injured At Work in Indiana? 

The following steps help protect an injured worker’s legal rights to maximize worker’s compensation benefits.

  1. Obtain immediate medical care if a workplace injury is an emergency. 
  2. Report the injury to the employer. Follow the established workplace process for reporting a workplace injury, whether that is completing a company incident report or providing a written explanation of the injury to the employer. Do this promptly with all available details. 
  3. Collect names and statements. If there are any witnesses to the accident, collect their names and statements as to what happened. This evidence may be useful during the claim’s process. If possible, take pictures of the accident site and any equipment or machinery involved.  
  4. Keep records. This helps ensure that a claim is approved and that the maximum benefits available are recovered. Retain documents from medical appointments. Keep receipts for all expenses including doctor appointments, physical therapy sessions, and prescription and OTC purchases. Track travel expenses and missed days of work due to the injury.
  5. Contact a lawyer. Attorney Charles Carlock handles all legal matters related to worker’s compensation cases including filing claims, collecting the required documentation and information, ensuring a worker receives necessary medical treatment, and recovering the maximum compensation due.

Attorney Charles Carlock has a history of fighting for clients who have been injured on the job or have had work-related injury -  he's worked solely as an Indiana worker's compensation and injury lawyer since 1993.