Injured worker consulting workers compensation lawyerWhen filing an Indiana workers comp claim, hire a skilled workers comp lawyer as soon as possible to increase the odds of a favorable outcome. Delay inevitably impacts the workers compensation case and may reduce the settlement amount.

Avoid waiting until the middle of the workers compensation process or until the benefits have been denied before seeking out a skilled and experienced workers comp attorney. Even if a claim has been accepted, bringing a workmans comp lawyer onboard early can prevent roadblocks that can stall or complicate the process.

Learn When to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

Employers and insurance companies are familiar with workers compensation and know the ins and outs of the process. Unfortunately, most injured workers do not. Going it alone could result in a denied workers comp claim due to a miniscule error. Obtaining the knowledgeable support of workers compensation lawyers early in the claims process can prevent unnecessary headaches and smooth things out. Engaging a work injury lawyer early in the process could also provide greater monetary results. It is never too soon to reach out to a workers compensation attorney.

Do Not Wait Until There Is a Problem After A Work Injury

An employee injured at work is often triggered to look into hiring a work injury lawyer only when there is a problem. Perhaps the injury was reported but there has been no follow-up medical exam. In some cases, the workers comp claim might have been denied. Many things can trigger a rejection of a valid workmans comp claim. In many cases, there is not a stand-out problem with the claim, but it is still imperative to have a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney review everything.

There are no-cost savings to hiring a workers compensation attorney later rather than earlier in the process. All workers comp lawyers are paid a percentage of the workers comp settlement. The percentage fee received by the attorney is set by the Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana. The fees associated with a workers comp settlement should never stop someone who was injured at work from pursuing a work injury case.

Benefits of a Workers Compensation Lawyer

When working with workers comp claims, a workers comp attorney acts as a much-needed mediator between the person injured at work and the insurance adjuster. Workers compensation lawyers are experienced with workers comp cases, working with employers and worker compensation insurance companies, and how to speak with everyone involved to get things completed in a timely fashion and increase the likelihood of a reasonable outcome. The goal is to prevent a workers comp claim from being denied or reduced in value.

Hiring a lawyer is also beneficial if there is a third-party claim related to the case. There could be a third-party claim if there is the possibility of negligence by another party related to the injury. In this type of case, an early investigation and investigation of the incident can be helpful to advance the case. A workers comp attorney is there to guide you while helping the scenario receive the attention to details it requires.

Avoid Struggling With a Workers Comp Claim

The support and guidance of an experienced workers compensation lawyer can also be priceless for peace of mind. No one injured at work should have to struggle to receive the services they are due.

If You Were Injured At Work

Report your injury immediately, no matter how mild it may seem. And seek the guidance of a well-respected injury attorney. Charlie Carlock has been representing Indiana employees with their worker’s compensation claims for more than two decades. Email or call Carlock Legal to have Charles Carlock fight for you.