Workplace injuries are a common occurrence. In a recent year (2018), according to OSHA, Indiana experienced more than 81,000 work-related injuries and illnesses. While many workplace accidents are minor, many are serious and necessitate medical care and time off for recovery. A person injured at work should be able to rely on their employer's workers' compensation insurance to cover their medical costs and lost work wages, but without a doctors' note or documentation from a medical center or hospital, insurers can dispute on-the-job injury claims. Work injury lawyers will tell you--don't skip the doctor's visit! Always get checked out after experiencing a workplace injury or illness.

A Doctor's Note Is Evidence

Doctors Notes Are a Must for Workplace InjuriesMany serious workplace injuries may not be readily identifiable as serious. For instance, a person might not know they're suffering from a concussion or spinal problem right away. Anyone hurt on the job, even if it appears to be minor, should see a doctor to safeguard their health and to ensure that their employer's insurer won't be able to negate their claim should they need to file one.

A doctor's note is evidence that a worker has sustained an injury. Medical documentation outlines the nature of the injury, the care provided, and other information that is pertinent to the individual's medical care needs. In addition to the doctor's note, always request that your employer record an incident report of the event.

Claim Denials

Many employees rely on a worker's comp attorney when their claim is denied by their employer's insurance provider. One of the reasons why insurers deny claims is because the individual did not get a medical evaluation right away. This allows the insurer to make the argument and state that the injury sustained was not serious or that the injury could have occurred elsewhere and not at the workplace.

To prevent this situation from occurring, be sure to visit your employer's suggested physician or your own to get written documentation of the workplace injury. If you are hurt on the job and are concerned about filing a worker's compensation claim or your claim for medical expenses and lost wages has been denied, contact Carlock Legal for the experienced representation you need.

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